Who will win the crypto custody battle of 2019?

    What actually matters this week, and why.

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    In my humble opinion…

    it’s almost like this technology was built for something…weird!

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    Project Highlight


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    the Balance Sheet for Earth

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve perhaps heard that global weirding is irreparably challenging our ability to live on planet Earth. Regen Network wants to help you understand, track, and implement the changes that we’re faced with head on. Regen Network has a three pronged approach: supply access to scientifically valid information about the state of the Earth, create a platform so that farmers and funders can synergistically collaborate, and foster a community that provides new and changing information about the ecosystem. The project will provide an accounting system for how healthy the environment is right now, anywhere in the world, and track changes over time. All of these aspects will be supported by the Regen Ledger, a PoS blockchain using the Tendermint Consensus Engine running on the Cosmos SDK. This project is not only impressive, but can also speak to people from all walks of life and education about climate change and ways they can help make our planet healthier. Read their whitepaper here.


    Coinbase is on fire right now (with some minor booboos), but that sure as heck doesn’t mean the rest of the market feels the love.

    Just a few days ago, Coinbase Custody landed Xapo’s institutional business for a reeling $55 million after outbidding Fidelity. Coinbase is now the world’s largest cryptocurrency custodian (they now have over $7 billion in assets – that’s not chump change). While Coinbase is practically a household name, they still often have to explain the crypto basics to some of their clients who aren’t so familiar with the happenings of the weirdest industry on earth.

    That’s not to say Coinbase isn’t without issue recently. Yesterday, they alerted over 3,000 of their customers that it accidentally saved their unencrypted passwords. Ruh roh! FYI, Coinbase uses Amazon Work Station as their logging service provider (amongst a few others). Looks like AWS needs to step up their game. Despite the volatility of the BTC market this past week (let’s peep at that $10,000 BTC high and $3,000 BTC low), there’s still hints that institutional investors are looking to go big into crypto (not just blockchain). The market is now working against Binance’s U.S. closure until November and Barclays and Coinbase’s partnership ending.

    So you want to be a big American tech company in crypto? You’ll have to deal with the Maxxico Traders, like everyone else.

    As the world begins to, pardon our language, kind of go to sh*t, cryptocurrency has become a “hedge against uncertainty.” Wait, really? According to one finance professor, it may provide some stabilization as trade wars loom, anti-government rallies swell, and crypto custody agreements get sweeter. In fact, over 22% of institutional investors already own cryptocurrency, with more planning on doing so. Mastercard even has job listings for a new crypto team – not necessarily related to their Libra partnership. Can you “monitor cryptocurrency ecosystem trends,” (scroll through Reddit and Twitter all day) and “develop new products and solutions” (use your old ConsenSys connection from that old meetup)? Then you’re perfect for Mastercard’s listing!

    Oh, and two wallets are now competing for Libra’s love (ZenGO and Calibra). And we ask you, reader, are you really going to be using a coin created by a company that systematically harvested and sold your data without your consent or knowledge? It’s not exactly like Libra’s been getting much love from regulators, politicians, or crypto enthusiasts. United States lawmakers are apparently visiting Switzerland soon, to discuss Libra. ICYMI, Libra is actually registered in Switzerland and announced that it planned to use the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner, but failed to alert the commissioner itself…or say what personal data will be used for the company. That gets a resounding “yikes” from us.

    So, in case you forgot, Facebook’s Libra token wasn’t the first Libra coin. In fact, one had previously existed for years. Rude.

    Get your popcorn or, whatever, because Satoshi Nakamoto is apparently revealing himself? Definitely not a PR stunt!

    MakerDAO’s Dai stablecoin can now be used anywhere in the EEA that accepts Visa. The 1-2% fees? Not quite as sweet.

    Coin to Watch

    (CRYPTO: ATOM) If by chance you read the projects section of this newsletter, you may have noticed that the Regen Network runs on the Cosmos SDK. Well, we’re interested in keeping an eye out for a blockchain that’s being used for good, not evil.

    You Laugh You Win


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