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Maxxico Trading Corporation has been helping build and preserve our client’s wealth for more than 07 years. We are one of the top 10 wealth managers in the World. You may think most investment firms are alike – selling the same investments and giving the same advices. You might look at Maxxico Trading Co. and see just another firm, but we believe we are different.

Our Principles


At Maxxico Global World Traders ltd., we are committed to individual investors like you. We sell long-term investment strategies and we value the relationship we built with our clients – we keep all information transparent to our investors, we provide personalized attention and like to discuss options and plans face-to-face in our community-based offices.

Our advisors build trusted relationships with their clients that often last a lifetime.

Our Financial Advisors

Our financial advisors believe in providing one-on-one, face-to-face service in the privacy and conveniences of our office. They take your needs and goals seriously and offer a plan that is right for you, in language that you understand. Even after your appointment, you can count on your financial advisor to provide portfolio reviews on a regular basis and answers to future questions and concerns.

Awards and Recognition

Investment Mainland, December 2014
Maxxico trading Corporation ranked No. 7 overall on Investment Mainland magazine’s annual survey of advisors.

World Trading Star, June 2015
For the 10th consecutive year, Maxxico Trading Corporation has been names as one of the “Best Firms in Mainland.” WS Financials was ranked No. 9.

Mainland Executive, March 2017
For the 5th consecutive year, Maxxico Trading Corporation has been named one of the “Best Asset Management Firms.” Maxxico Corporation was ranked No. 5.

Mainland Global, February 2018
Maxxico Trading Corporation was awarded “Trust Company of the Year 2018”.

What Clients Say About Us


For major decisions in life, many people turn to their friends and family to ask about their experiences. This is why we thought you would like to hear from a few of our clients.

Because we respect the privacy of our clients, we have changed their names to maintain their anonymity.

Our History


In 1985 Bruce Wayne and Scott Summers founded the financial advisory firm that bears their initials, W and S. Since then, Maxxico Traders has been a part of Ripple Markets for Last 30 years.

In 2013, Maxxico Trading Corporation welcomed managing principals Steven Rogers and Diana Prince. Maxxico Trading Corporation opened 14 new offices, bringing financial services to more clients across World.

Maxxico Trading Corporation has consistently been ranked among the best financial firms and best companies to work for by MAINLAND Magazine and Washington Executive newspaper.