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"I wanted to personally reach out and thank you for all of the work you and your team have done for us on this booth. We all recognize the short timeframe of this project and the sheer amount of work you and your team have put into this booth on our behalf and are immensely grateful. You have been incredibly accommodating and understanding and are a pleasure to work with."

I recognize that we are far from your largest client (and on this project, have likely taken a disproportionate amount of your time), so it means a great deal that you still give us such outstanding customer service. We feel no need to look anywhere else for our tradeshow business.

Thank you again for your help and support here. We are very excited to see this booth take shape.


John Falsworth

"We’ve been working with The Trade Group for 3 years and couldn’t ask for a better experience. Their knowledge of both domestic and international trade shows has been critical as we exhibit all over the world from a 10×10 inline to a 77 sq meter double deck internationally. I’d recommend The Trade Group to anyone interested in exhibiting globally."


Oswald Cobblepot

"When you have a lot on the line for these trade shows, it’s nice to have that reassurance that they’re going to be there for you. They really make you feel at ease in a stressful time."


Baron von Nastraed

"It is such a strong visual presence at the show site, that we have gotten many visitors and a lot of compliments on it. We are getting a lot of ROI on the booth. We are excited and very happy to be working with Maxxico Traders."


Brian Banner

"Maxxico Traders has been absolutely amazing. They are design experts and very professional. They’ve gotten to know us and what we want and anticipate our needs. It’s a full partnership."


Gordan Thomas

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